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Sneaker server network speed

Does Network Speed Really Matter for a Sneaker Server?

Is speed really all that matters? Many out there will tell you that your speed test and latency is all that matters in a good sneaker server. We’re here to tell you this is plain wrong.


You might think that the reason you’re not getting limited releases is because of your server and that you need 10gbps network speeds. This is also wrong. So then what’s right?


Let’s do some quick math, 1Gb/s is equal to 125MB/s (capital M and B is different from Mb). The average web page as seen by a sneaker bot ranges from 0.1MB to 0.5MB. You can test this by running “wget” from the command line if you have wget installed.


With a pure 1Gbit port a sneaker bot could open 250-1250 connections within a second. That’s a lot of connections and most people won’t be opening that many or don’t have a sneaker server big enough to support that type of use.


Here are some other issues with 10gb/s:

  • Most sites will cap your download speed (their upload speed) and very few sites actually have 10gbit. Just because your server can download at 10gb/s doesn’t mean that their site (web server) can upload data at 10gb/s.
  • There will always be network latency and other people trying to access the same site as you. Unless the site has multiple network ports for each user,┬áthen the network is being shared by all site visitors.
  • In order to actually get 10gb/s, your proxies will need to support it.


Is a 10gb/s sneaker server a scam?

Despite what it seems like we aren’t against 10gb/s. What we’re against is people thinking that 10gb/s is the only thing that will make them cook. If you’re someone that is trying to checkout hundreds of items like over 1,000 items then 10gb/s makes sense. But if you’re trying to checkout that many items then you need a very big server.


For the majority of users, 10gb/s is a waste of money. If you’re trying to build an income off reselling then every penny matters, so it’s important that you’re spending it in the right places.

What’s not a waste of money?

When it comes to having a fast server that can get you the limited release you’re after there are 3 factors that you should pay attention to:

  1. CPU: The CPU is the brains of the server, everything the server does relies on the CPU. There are 2 ways to increase CPU speed, higher clock speed, or adding more cores. Having more processing power allows you to run a greater number of tasks simultaneously with your sneaker bot.
  2. RAM: The RAM is like the CPU’s assistant, if the server doesn’t have enough RAM then the CPU won’t be able to do its job fast enough causing everything to be slow. RAM is where data that needs to be accessed right away is stored. More RAM doesn’t make your server faster but allows it to run more tasks without slowing down other tasks. If you have the option to go with DDR4 RAM then do so, DDR4 is much faster and has a higher clock speed.
  3. Hard drive: Hard drive speed is usually determined by read/write speed. In a sneaker server, we’re mainly concerned with read speed which determines how quickly your server can access data. Your operating system has to access a lot of data. The SSD increases loading performance, so how fast data is loaded into the RAM. If RAM is the assistant to CPU, then the hard drive is the assistant to the RAM. You want to have an SSD hard drive which is exponentially faster than an HDD drive and will have your programs opening instantly.

Just having an extremely fast processor and mediocre everything else will give you a bottleneck and slow down the processor. It’s important that your server is balanced across all 3 factors otherwise it’s inefficient.

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